Elizabeth Juarez

Elizabeth Juarez is the Vice President of Procurement of Brymax Construction Services, Inc. She has been in the construction industry for 28 years, 22 of those years in construction procurement. Elizabeths ability to build trusting strong relationships and strategically institute partnerships with manufacturers gives her a cutting advantage in being able to forecast upcoming trends in products and materials to ensure cost savings and no delays in schedules.

Elizabeth came from residential procurement where she managed over $200M projects simultaneously during the residential growth. During that time, she leads a few Six Sigma process improvement projects, which lead in substantial savings of over $500K per project/phase (8 projects/10 phases) and streamlined processes which were adopted company-wide (over 80 projects at that time). She later went on to do procurement for suppliers and distribution centers where she managed accounts for plumbing components of over $1M and was able to boost purchasing productivity by 45%; retained staff by implementing best practices in purchasing, administered new online purchasing systems as she spearheaded implementation and training in a new plumbing software.

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and received her Master’s degree in the Art of Management from the University of Redlands.